Jul 7, 2008

CARES Kids Fly Safe Aviation Restraint

If you haven't heard of the CARES restraint yet, definitely check it out if you'll be flying with your toddler or pre-schooler in their own seat. The CARES system is a great FAA-approved product that allows your child to be securely buckled in to their own airplane seat without you having to lug a car seat on-board. Weighing just 1 lb and having it's own 6" carrying sack, it's easy enough to put in your diaper bag and carry on. It's designed for children 22 to 44 lbs who sit forward facing in their regular car seat. The system gives your child a secure and adjustable 5-point harness by slipping around the back of the airplane seat and utilizing the seat's lap belt to complete the system.

Maybe you'll only take one or two airplane trips with your child before they're able to safely use only the airplane's lap belt (which the FAA recommends is 40 lbs) and you don't want to invest in an item that will only get a few uses. Or, maybe you do make frequent trips with a toddler but you'd really like to try it out before purchasing one for yourself. In either case, our rental program is a perfect solution. The CARES system is available for rental daily or weekly through Sweet Pea Baby Rentals. We can ship your rental anywhere in the US or Canada so you don't need even need to be traveling from the Phoenix area to take advantage this great product.

We also offer a combination package of a CARES harness and a Safeguard Go folding car seat if you happen to be traveling to a destination that doesn't offer baby equipment rentals, or if you want to avoid extra baggage fees and possible damage by checking your full sized car seat. The Safeguard Go folds into it's own compact carrying case, small enough to be stowed in an overhead bin. The Go is not FAA-approved for air travel as it must utilize the top tether to function properly, which an airline seat does not have.

View all of our rentals for air travel, including the CARES, Safeguard Go folding car seat, Go Go Kidz Travelmate, and the Sit N Stroll at http://sweetpeababyrentals.com.