Jul 25, 2018

Kid-Friendly Phoenix Hikes

It's been a minute (or a few million) but we're back to blogging! Our kids are much older, and there's a whole other child now, so it's time to get back to it! We're in the midst of summer here in Phoenix but let's talk about outdoor activities here with kids because I'm sure you're planning to come here when it's NOT over 115 degrees.

Grab one of our great Bob Revolution jogging stroller rentals or hiking backpack rentals and hit the trails.  

Some kid friendly trails that we like are:

White Tanks Waterfall Trail - there may or may not be an actual waterfall (usually not since it only rains 7" a year here), but there's usually at least a small pool at the the end of the trail, plus great views of the Phoenix area. There are hieroglyphs along the very wide trail with good explanations of everything along the way, plus a chance to see desert plants up close and personal.  The trail is pretty easy and you could even take a jogging stroller 3/4 of the way if really necessary.  There's a large playground near the trailhead and plenty of picnic areas as well. The trail itself is about a mile long (so two miles round trip). Our oldest walked the entire trail with no problem by age 5.  Enter off Olive Road in the far west valley. Here's a map.

Papago Park - Stroller-friendly trail with benches for resting. A cool window rock to climb into at the top! 1.2 miles. Enter at Papago Park Road on the west side of Galvin Parkway just north of Van Buren Street, Phoenix

Judith Tunnell Accessible trail - South Mountain Park Edcuational Center 10409 S Central Ave. Phoenix. Two 1/2 mile flat paved loops available. 

Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park - up for a short drive? 55 miles east of central Phoenix. This park shows off some beautiful landscapes.  Several accessible dirt paths for walking.

(photo:Boyce Thompson Arboretum)