Nov 30, 2009

Book soon for Chirstmas!

As we do most holidays, Sweet Pea Baby Rentals was SOLD OUT of many items over Thanksgiving.  The most popular last minute request? Crib tents for a pack n play (which we unfortunately do not have).  Moms and dads, you might want to pull out that pack n play at home before you leave and give it a whirl for nap time just to make sure that junior can't and won't climb out.  Discovering this on day 1 of Christmas vacation at Grandmas might leave you in a pinch when most rental companies are sold out of full sized cribs and crib tents. 

As an added bonus for December, we're also offering a FREE booster high chair rental with every order booked by December 20th.  Check out our packages and specials for more information.

Nov 15, 2009

My Airport Busy Kit

I ran across a great product a few weeks ago called My Airport Busy Kit.  It's a lunch-box sized kit aimed at keeping preschoolers busy in the airport, on the plane, or during any outing where entertainment is necessary.  The Airport Busy Kit is geared toward ages 3+, and luckily my own product tester is just that age (barely 3 years old).   No sooner did I have the shipping box open did she scoop it up and start sifting through the contents. 

Our kit contained everything pictured here: an activity book, a blank notepad, stickers, washable markers, crayons, plastic kids scissors (that cut paper but not fingers), Wikki Stix, wooden wands to color, a lacing board, a tic tac toe game, a tape measure, and linking figurines.  For some of the games in the activity book, she did need my direction which is understandable as they are also geared toward a slightly older age group, but for the most part, she was able to handle the majority of the items herself.  She happily sat at the kitchen table and played for an hour before dinner, showing off her linked acrobats, measuring things, putting sticker fish into the fishbowl, coloring one of the wands, and cutting paper.  We repacked everything easily into the carrying pouch and first thing the next morning, she went right back to it and played some more. Our conclusion: the kit is a great tool to add to the arsenal of things to keep the 3+ age group busy on a plane or in the airport!

If you're renting cribs, car seats, or other gear from Sweet Pea Baby Rentals while on vacation in the Phoenix-metro area, we offer FREE SHIPPING with your purchase.  If you rent a CARES harness from us, we can add the kit to your shipment too.

Nov 2, 2009

Cost to Rent vs. Cost to Bring

The baggage fees that airlines are charging this holiday season might have you thinking twice about what to bring with you.  Take a look at our comparison chart by Sweet Pea Baby Rentals that shows you the cost to rent versus the cost to bring your gear along. 

Picture yourself standing at the ticket counter, checking in for your flight.  First you get hit with at least $15 for each bag you check, so for mom and dad's two bags, that's $30 on top of the price of your tickets.  If your airline gives your lap child a baggage allowance, that'll be another $15 for his bag.  If they don't, then it will count as a second bag for you and cost at least another $30

So now you're probably up to $60 and haven't gotten to baby's essentials, like the Pack N Play, car seat or stroller.  You're most likely in luck with the car seat and stroller fee-wise.  Typically you are able to check these at no charge but you run the risk of them being smashed, broken, lost, or at least dirtied in the baggage hold with all the other suitcases.  You cannot carry either of them on board unless you have purchased a seat for your child, in which case you can bring an FAA-approved car seat (most car seats are). Another alternative to the car seat is a CARES harness and you can even get a free rental for your flights when you rent a car seat from us while you here.

If you decide to bring along the Pack N Play, now you're up to a 3rd checked item which carry fees up to $130!  At this point, you're already standing there with it in hand, so what else can you do besides take it along.  That's most likely more than a new Pack N Play would cost if you bought one at your destination.

Our best advice is to put smaller babies in a soft front pack carrier or bring a cheap $10 umbrella stroller with you to get through the airport, preferably one that you don't care if it gets smashed along the way.  Save yourself the headache and expense of checking the car seat, pack n play, portable high chair, toys, and other essentials and rent them from us.  We'll have everything waiting at your rental car counter when you arrive, or can deliver to a local residence, resort, condo, or wherever you need the gear.