Mar 19, 2009

Graco Blossom high chair - New!

Check out Graco's new Blossom high chair. It looks pretty cool and will be usable well beyond the typical high chair years with it's 4-in-1 options. Usable as a standard high chair, an infant booster high chair, a toddler booster, and a youth chair, it's longevity will be appreciated by many. Apparently you can use the high chair and toddler booster at the same time too. I'll be trying one out when they hit stores any day now. Now the real questions for me - how does it fold up for storage and transportation? many nooks and crannies are there to clean?...

Update: I checked this out in person and it doesn't fold up at all. It looks like a pretty cool chair and it's longevity seems great, as long as you have the space to keep it out all the time.

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Sweet Pea Baby Rentals said...

A follow up, I checked this high chair out at Babies R Us and it does not appear that it folds at all. Bummer!