Sep 5, 2012

New Items!

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post! Here's some new items we are now carrying for rentals!

  • New Foundations full sized cribs. ALL rental companies, hotels, and child care facilities have until the end of  2012 to update their crib inventory to comply with the new CPSC crib safety standards. This is more than just drop sides. It also involves beefed up hardware and testing. Virtually all cribs manufactured before June 2011 DO NOT comply.  If you are planning on using a hotel's crib, double check that they are aware and ask if their inventory is updated. Specifically, as to speak to the housekeeping supervisor as the reservation agents do not generally know this information.
  • New Summer Infant Super Seat. With the recent recall of Bumbo chairs, I felt it was best to remove them entirely from the inventory. We now feature a similar option (and with more toys!) in the Super Seat.
  • Ergo soft infant carrier. This is one of my indispensable baby items that I use almost every day and figured it would be a great addition to the inventory. It's great for vacations when you're out and about but can't always have a stroller with you. We like it for hiking and places where a stroller doesn't always work well.
  • Puddle Jumpers swim aid.  As my little ones get older, I discover great products that need to be added. This is wonderful for a curious swimmer that doesn't want to be held, but needs that extra help in the pool. ALWAYS supervise your children in the water of course!
Anything else you'd like to see? Just ask!

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